Crowders SignThe Camp Crowder Joint Land Use Study is comprised of three major components:  Evaluation of Existing Conditions; Land Use Compatibility Assessment; and Study Development and Implementation Options.

The process is overseen by two steering committees, the Technical Committee and Policy Committee, appointed by the host agency, the Harry S Truman Coordinating Commission.

Our Existing Conditions evaluation includes site visits, background document review, and meetings with the public and key stakeholders in the community identified by the steering committees.

The Land Use Compatibility Assessment will identify exiting and anticipated land use trends on Camp Crowder and on the land outside the Camp and within the designated Study Area.  This gives us the opportunity to understand what areas already have been developed, those that remain vacant, and those where existing uses already are compatible with operations at Crowder.

In the final Study Development and Implementation Options phase, we will assemble all background information, compatibility analyses, and will identify options for the community to consider after the study is completed.  These may included enhanced communication and coordination, land use compatibility, and public awareness campaigns.  Implementation options are presented for consideration by this community to determine for itself the appropriateness of any options for this region.